„Bet tai nebuvo meilė, nes ….“

„Bet tai nebuvo meilė, nes aš šiuose santykiuose nevirtau geriausia savo paties versija“. Citata originalo kalba skamba taip „Except it wasn’t love because I wasn’t becoming the best version of myself through these relationships.“

Man atrodo, kad genialiai pasakyta.

Straipsnis irgi šaunus. Ypač ši vieta:

„When it comes to the forgiveness you want from your exes [Zig has a drawling Southern accent], I want you to follow all the steps I just gave you. But instead of sending off the letter, I want you to fold it up, light a fire, and burn the damn thing. Cuz there’s no point in renewing emotional connections with people who aren’t good for you. That’s why they’re your exes! It’s time to move on from them and fully embrace your own life.“

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